Week of January 27, 2014

Week of January 6, 2014

Directions: Please watch this series from the History Channel. There are a total of 7 clips for this series on Egypt.
1. Egypt: Engineering an Empire

2. Look for the answers to these questions when viewing the video segments. You will:
  1. Create your own Word document
  2. Copy these questions onto your document
  3. Use bullet points to jot down information from the video that applies to each question.
  4. "Save As" your Word document like this <First Name + Last Initial + Egyptempire> [Example = MikeB Egyptempire]
  5. Questions:
    1. UNIT #1 River Valley Civilizations The Egyptians: Engineering an Empire

      1. Briefly describe King Menes of Egypt. Who was he? What did he accomplish?
      2. What were the early tombs of the pharaohs like? What were they made of? What was their purpose? What did they contain?
      3. How did the ancient Egyptians build the 100 plus pyramids? How did they organize?
      4. Who was Joser? What was he known for? How did he do it?
      5. What is it like inside and underneath the first stone pyramid?

Week of September 9, 2013