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Dear Parents and Families,

My name is Kristin Ervin and over the last few months, I've had the wonderful opportunity to teach mindfulness to your student. Mindfulness is such a crucial, life-long skill and having the opportunity to learn it at a young age is such a benefit! I wish I could've invited you to join our sessions, however working 6th into your schedule probably wouldn't have panned out. However, I do have an alternative way for you to learn more about mindfulness, especially in a school setting.

On Saturday afternoon, April 26 from 2pm - 4pm, our new non-profit, Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education (MC4ME), will be hosting a public screening of the movie, Room To Breathe, at the University of Michigan. This movie is the first mainstream documentary that shows how a school can be transformed by the use of mindfulness practices. These practices enables students ( as well as educators and families) to learn how to reduce stress, focus attention, calm the mind, and create appropriate distance from difficult emotions or situations that interfere with positive relating, (teaching and parenting) and learning.

A panel of Michigan teachers and students who have used these practices in their classrooms will discuss the impact of adopting mindfulness practices after the movie, followed by an open discussion about how to join in this work.
Please join us for this inaugural event. Please visit or MC4ME on Facebook to learn more and buy tickets. Or, If you open the attached flyer, and click on the website link, you can learn how to purchase tickets to this showing.

One final note, we're very excited and honored to have Mrs. Babich and Mr. Stearns be a part of our panel. We hope to see you on the 26th!

Thank you,

Kristin Ervin
President, Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education

Room to Breathe -
Thank you,
Kristin Ervin
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November 8, 2013
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November 7, 2013
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November 1, 2013

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