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If you could create your own biathlon (a sporting event made up of two disciplines) what would it be
If I could create my own biathlon, it would be the largest basketball event of the winter and the summer. During the winter, they would play a best 2 out of 3 games all spread out. The players that would be competing in this tournament would be some of the All-Stars, (that did not make Team USA) V.S Team USA A.K.A the dream team. In the summer the only difference is that the surface will be changed from indoor basketball courts to asphalt.


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Is protesting a good way to make change? Why or why not?
I think that protesting is good to make a change, but I also think that it is a bad way. I think protesting is bad, because people can get severely injured. Also if people are protesting, everyone gets violent. Another reason is because if there was a Civil war, the country of Ukrain could end up spliiting up and dividing the country in half. I think it is good, because it works. For example, MLK.JR, he kept protesting, even though he got sent to jail many times.